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Baton Rouge Homicide Attorneys

There is no offense more serious than a homicide charge. In Louisiana, the legislature has codified a global definition of Criminal Homicide. Depending upon the state of mind or the intent of the actor, an individual may be convicted of homicide based upon an intentional killing or the desire to inflict great bodily harm upon another human being. There are many degrees of homicide.


Negligent homicide refers to the accidental death of another human being due to extreme negligence or recklessness. This is the only murder charge that is completely eligible for probation.

Vehicular Homicide can be charged if the defendant caused an accident that resulted in the death of another person through reckless driving while intoxicated.  This crime requires a portion of the sentence imposed to be done in jail. The offender’s blood alcohol content will determine the duration of the mandatory minimum sentence.

Manslaughter is either the intentional killing during a “heat of passion” or the unintentional killing during the commission of another intentional crime. None of the sentence imposed can be probated but no minimum sentence is required. That said, a potential 40 years in jail can be imposed. All forms of manslaughter are considered crimes of violence.


Second Degree Murder is charged if the defendant intentionally killed or intended to inflict great bodily harm and the offender’s actions led to the death of another person. Anyone convicted of this crime faces a mandatory life sentence in jail. In Louisiana, “life” means “life”. There is no parole or release of good behavior. You’ll leave jail in a pine box.


First Degree Murder refers to the intentional killing of another person but done so under certain circumstances. The most common activities that convert a murder charge to “First Degree” is the killing or attempted killing of more than one person, the killing of a police officer, or a killing that occurs during the commission of a specified crime of violence. A person convicted with this charge could face life in prison without parole or even the death penalty.


Being faced with a homicide charge is a serious and frightening situation with significant consequences. For this reason, it is important to contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible so that your case may be fought for at trial, or obtaining reduced or even dismissed charges.


Manasseh, Gill, Knipe & Belanger is privileged to have many former prosecutors with significant homicide trial experience now working as criminal defense attorneys for the firm. Since we know how to properly build a murder prosecution, we know how to expose the weakness of the state’s case. It is our goal to be more prepared than the prosecution team.




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