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What Are The Types Of Bail Bonds In Louisiana?

This blog post provides a short assessment of the types of bail available in Louisiana. In summary, there are four kinds of bonds that can be posted: 1. Commercial Surety 2. Personal Surety (also known as a “sign out bond”/ R.O.R). 3. Property Bond 4. Cash Bond In Louisiana, unless you are charged with a capital offense, you are entitled to bail. There is an exception to this rule rarely used outside of domestic violence cases that precludes the setting of bail after a contradictory hearing where the state establishes that the accused is either a danger or a flight risk. The posting of bail releases the accused from jail pending the outcome of his criminal case. This affords the accused the opportunity of “fighting his case from the outside.” Each of the 4 methods mentioned above as their advantages. For the property or personal surety bonds, the costs to […]

Using Polygraphs

For many years, things like lie detectors have been used in a variety of different ways – they typically require you to deal with a lot of various questions and answer sessions to ensure that the people you are talking to can get the right kind of answers back from you. It’s seen as unbeatable, but many people have claimed to have a method of beating a polygraph test. You hear about these being used in criminal investigations all the time, and their overall power and strength cannot really be questioned a lot of the time – for the normal person, they will work just fine. However, since a polygraph test is more or less just reading things like perspiration, breathing rate, blood pressure and pulse if you can get out of the habit of these raising when you “lie” they are far less accurate in their readings. If you[…..]

Quick Thoughts On Forensic Science

“Forensic Science” comprises too many independent disciplines with varying degrees of scientific “rigor” to be considered a science. That said, the disciplines within the field employ modern scientific methods and attempt to impose a scientific methodology when utilized.