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Criminal  Cases We Handle


Murder is the unjustifiable killing of another person. There are various degrees of Murder in Louisiana. Those convicted of First or Second Degree Murder will face either a full life sentence or be executed. those convicted of Manslaughter can face up to 40 years in jail. Learn More.


Robbery is the taking of anything of value from someone else. Armed Robbery carries a 10-99 year sentence. It is one of the few crimes that is not eligible for parole- ever. First Degree Robbery does allow for parole but still carries a hefty maximum jail sentence of 40 years.

Gun Crimes

Louisiana infringes upon the Second Amendment right to bear arms by making the possession of a gun illegal in certain instances.  The two most common gun crimes are possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of a firearm while in possession of drugs. Both crimes carry mandatory minimum jail sentences.

Drug Crimes

Louisiana is actively engaged with the war on drugs. Except for Marijuana, drug possession is a felony. So, a drug conviction will impact your right to vote, serve on a jury and carry a gun. Most drug distribution cases carry mandatory minimum sentences. Learn More.


Burglary is the unauthorized entry into someone’s property with the intent of taking something or committing another felony. A burglary becomes “aggravated” when the intruder is armed or hurts another during the commission of the crime. Though some burglaries are probation eligible crimes, aggravated burglary is considered a crime of violence.


A battery is the use of force upon another without consent. Your basic push or slap is a “simple” battery and is a misdemeanor. A battery becomes a felony when someone os either seriously hurt or hit with a weapon. Most grades of battery are probation eligible crimes but Aggravated Battery is not.