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Federal Crimes We Defend

Federal Drug Crimes

Federal drug trafficking cases are common in federal court. The penalties are harsh and often carry staggering mandatory minimum sentences that can place first offenders in jail for an effective life sentence.

Federal Gun Crimes

It is not uncommon for the federal government to “adopt” state cases involving felons possessing guns. In addition to these cases, most drug trafficking cases also tack on a gun possession charge that carries an additional 5 year penalty upon conviction.

Money Laundering

Money Laundering is the process of bringing money derived from illegal activity into the open market.  In addition to jail, a money laundering conviction will result in the forfeiture of both illegal and- quite often- legal assets as a “substitute” asset for any laundered money already disposed.

Health Care Fraud

Baton Rouge is one of the few cities targeted by the Department of Justice with a special healthcare fraud task force. Doctors, healthcare providers and even service workers are often targeted for their billing practices, referral customs, diagnosis, and quality of care.

White Collar Crimes

“White Collar” crimes are quite often economic crimes that do not result in physical harm to anyone though it could leave someone financially devastated. Often, these crimes carry potentially lengthy sentences and are judged more onerously under the sentencing guidelines as the loss amount and number of victims increase.

Federal Sentencing

Federal Sentencing is an art form. Those standing before the judge rarely know what sentence will be imposed. It is critical that your lawyer be intimately familiar with the sentencing guidelines, know how to craft well written objections, write a well briefed sentencing memo and argue for you with passion.

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