Experienced Representation In Federal Court

  • Andre Bélanger is licensed to practice law in Louisiana, Georgia, and Mississippi and can appear in any federal courts in these states without needing special permission or a local sponsor.
  • He has extensive experience handling federal criminal cases in the Middle District of Louisiana, the Eastern District of Louisiana, the Western District of Louisiana, and the Southern District of Mississippi.
  • He is a member of the Bar for the United States Federal Fifth Circuit and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeal, and has argued before the United States Supreme Court and the United States Fifth and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeals.
  •  Additionally, he has handled cases in other districts, such as the Southern District of Texas, the Central District of California, and the Eastern District of Oklahoma

    Scope of Representation:

  • Andre Bélanger has a wide range of federal practice areas, including drug conspiracies, federal gun cases, wiretap prosecutions, white collar crimes, healthcare fraud, and securities fraud.
  • Andre Bélanger provides representation to his clients at every stage of the federal criminal process, from pre-indictment to appeal.
  • Federal Drug Crimes

    Drug Crimes carry stiff mandatory minimum penalties in federal court.  We've handled some of the largest and most complex federal prosecutions along the Gulf Coast.

    Federal Gun Crimes

    The feds are known for accepting gun cases.  Whether its a convicted felon, drug case, or improper transfer of weapons, we have the skill and expertise to defend you at trial.

    White Collar Crimes

    Prosecutors love making cases against the wealthy and powerful who have everything to loose: money, liberty and professional reputation. Let us fight for your reputation if you find yourself within the crosshairs of the FBI.

    Healthcare Fraud

    Healthcare Fraud cases are complicated as there are numerous sentencing guidelines applicable to only these crimes.  We handle fraud and anti-kick back violations and will represent providers and clinicians.

    Securities Fraud

    Whether its insider trading, fraudulent schemes or improper regulatory compliance, we can help defend you, your license and professional reputation in federal court.


    Defending wiretap cases is an art form. as the requirements for obtaining and maintaining a wiretap are nuanced. We are one of a handful of firms to extensively litigate multiple wiretap cases along the Gulf Coast.